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Considerations for the future of ICAR
Gerold Biner, Präsident

"As long as there are mountains, there will be human beings who go into mountain terrains. As long as there are human beings who go into mountain terrains, there will be a need for mountain guides! And as long as there are human beings who go into mountain terrains, there will also be a need for rescuers!"

Following this logic, our services also continue to remain in demand.


Human beings are however forever seeking new ways of going into mountain terrains! As rescuers, this is what presents us with new problems. An increase in complexity should however not allow us to lose sight of our basic values:


  1. The focus must always remain on the patient!

  2. ICAR lays down the basic principles for global mountain rescue!

  3. Mountain rescuers must be protected against overregulation!

  4. ICAR improves mountain rescue outcomes by exchanges of experience and by recommendations!


Over the next few years, I will seek to encourage all members to use the "ICAR" platform and network as a problem-solving tool for all issues related to mountain rescue.


Thanks to the untiring and continual efforts and cooperation of our "stakeholders", it will be possible to strengthen our role, and especially our acceptance at an international level.


In order to protect mountain rescuers and their worldwide organisations against overregulation, we need to remain succinct, precise and clear in our statements and explanations!


A further goal during my term of office will be the improved integration of our members from overseas and Scandinavia.


To achieve these objectives I need your support.


Let's go!